Tabasco’s latest harvest party was bigger and better than ever. As usual Shuttlecock was instructed to create an immersive event to celebrate the harvest of the special peppers that make their popular sauce. This year they wanted the celebration to highlight Tabasco as a global brand that works with global cuisine. They wanted there to be interactive elements, for Avery Island to be represented and for the event to be the talk of the town, perfect for the cooler F&B industry members to attend.


We created individual stands for the food partners that represented their culture with bright colours. The room was dressed from head to toe with brightly coloured ribbons, metal tables and chairs to house a central circular Tabasco dressed bar. There were various condiment stations around the space which all held a dish, which was designed to work with Tabasco. For the immersive element we created a screen-printing station where people could create their own Tabasco merch in the form of tote bags. People were given a map on entry to take a taste tour around the world, receiving a stamp at each station they tried. For anyone that needed some pointers we designed a ‘how to eat a taco’ transfer for one of the main walls. As a special nod to Avery Island we created a mash-tasting bar at the entrance, this was made out of wooden barrels and crates and dressed with plants from the island.’