a bit of background…

a bit of background…

We’re an independent creative production company founded on the belief that with a little bit of humour and imagination, you can bring even the dullest brief to life.

We’re good at lots of things but what we really excel at are top-notch food and drink, jaw-dropping theatrical sets, irreverent immersive experiences and creative soundscapes.

Put those four elements together – or whichever ones suit you best – and you can do extraordinary things.

a bit more background…

a bit more background…

We play by four simple rules:

We don’t take ourselves too seriously

humour pervades everything we do

There’s never a dull moment

we specialise in the unexpected

Universal appeal is a must

our experiences are for introverts and extroverts alike

Attention to detail is everything

everywhere you look there’s something to put a smile on your face

And that’s about all there is to it. Kind of.

probably a bit too much background but we’ve started now…

probably a bit too much background but we’ve started now…

We’re the Templeton cousins: Anna, Ed, Will and Ollie.

We started Shuttlecock Inc in 2012 in the back of a car, somewhere under the English Channel. Our aim was to bring booze-fuelled make believe to the masses by putting on irreverent and multi-sensory pop-ups, parties and events.

Since launching to critical acclaim with our Pan Am-inspired Mile High series, we’ve gone from strength to strength, successfully executing a string of sell-out pop-ups in London and New York… partnering up with the likes of Tabasco, Bombay Sapphire and Mr & Mrs Smith on all singing, all dancing brand activations of all different shapes and sizes… and opening an award-winning creative hub in Marylebone called Carousel.

We’d love you to be part of our next chapter, so get in touch if you’ve got a brief in mind that could use a bit of our signature experiential magic.