A Right Royal Knees-Up

The carpet in The Cobbler’s Awls is a magic eye of bygone spills, burns and bloody noses, unchanged for as long as anyone can remember. With its nicotine stained ceiling and its signature odour of stale beer, The Awls is a toothless, chain-smoking granddad of a pub. That is, when it’s empty.

It was different story back in April, when we invited Bow belles and Spitalfield sparrows to slip on their winklepickers and heel-click back to The Cobbler’s Awls in 1969, where indomitable landlady 'Ange' laid on a right royal knees-up in honour of newly weds Michael, her favourite nephew, and Michael’s heavily pregnant wife, Nicola: “The ‘appy Couple”.

Wide boys and wheeler-dealers; gangsters and gossips; lecherous uncles and lascivious bridesmaids…they were all at The Awls, celebrating Micky and Nicky’s nuptials as only cockneys know how: with a guzzle, a scuffle, a sing song and a scandal.