"How many kinds of sweet flowers grow
In an English country garden?"


Picture the scene.

August 1909. A charming country retreat in Oxfordshire. Sunshine. Birdsong. Flowers in bloom.

Farmhands make hay in the outlying fields as a group of society types enjoy a picnic on the lawn. Champagne, wicker hampers, honey roasted ham and home made relishes.

There's a game of French cricket going on at the end of the garden. Summer scents abound. Strawberries, freshly cut grass and foxgloves

The Kaiser is no more than a potty distant cousin. Britannia rules the waves.


Last summer we were joined by Accenture for a day of quintessentially Edwardian food and entertainment. Starting with a lunchtime summer picnic, guests enjoyed a pre-prandial opera performance on the terrace before retiring to the dining room for a four course supper of the finest English cuisine.

With the help of an ensemble of colourful butlers and maids in full servants' dress, we transported guests back to a time when 'hello' was an exclamation and carriages at dawn really did mean carriages.